Welcome to the Nauvoo History Project!

This site is an open project for everyone interested in any aspect of Nauvoo History.  Any documents, pictures, stories, article or remembrances are welcome.

The Nauvoo History Project welcome your contribution.  If you need help getting your information into an electronic format, send us an email, we’re happy to help.  If you’re located in Nauvoo, Illinois, or nearby, we’ll even arrange to get together.

You’ll find information about all periods of the area now called Nauvoo.  There is information on Venus, Commerce, Commerce City, and Nauvoo.  All groups, religions, nationalities are welcome.  You’ll see stories on The Nauvoo Project that include all the wonderful threads that make the beautiful quilt of Nauvoo.

All information provided on this site is available for personal use.  Any public use, or publishing in any form requires the permission of the individual author who posted it.  Please submit any comments, or requests to them on the comment page of the article you are referring to.


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