Etienne Cabet

Shortly after the Mormons left Nauvoo and their homes, many of which were substantial brick residences, Etienne Cabet, an educated Frenchman, with many of his followers came to Nauvoo and took advantage of the opportunity to acquire homes in the residences left by the Mormons.  Cabet is said to have advocated absolute equality of men and women, freedom of religion, common ownership of property, and the operation of individualism.  He soon had a large colony and the Nauvoo “Icarian Community” was incorporated in 1851.  The capital stock was $100,000 with the privilege of increasing to $500,000.  All things were in common and all went well for a time, but later the colony disbanded, though many of these people remained in Nauvoo and vicinity and were splendid citizens (as are their descendents).


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